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Give a Gift of: “Laista’s Gίgandes Beans from Zagorochoria”
for Friends and Family

How to

Laista’s Gίgantes Beans …Posing as a Model for well known photographers as:

G.Drakopoulos, F.Mourtos, P.Mpeletzinis, K.Nola, M.Sampanis…

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Our farm in Laista Zagori

Photo Tour of the Crop within the different Seasons of the Year.
How an uncultivated land of 4.5 acres is transformed into a
garden that produces high-quality Giant (Elephant) Beans

Recipes with giant beans from Laista of Zagori

  • Our company participated in Foodexpo of Greece, the leading food & beverage Exhibition in Southeastern Europe!
    Laista beans of Zagori made...
  • Lima beans with boubari Old, from Pelion village recipe
  • Lima beans “donuts” with mint jelly and tomato foam
  • Dessert spoon beans giant with pomegranate and crocus of Kozani
  • Mashed lima beans with beef in tomato sauce
  • Lima beans in the oven with red pepper, cold cuts and fresh tomatoes
  • Lima beans in the oven “kou tomate skou kasiou” Authentic, from Vovousa village recipe
  • Lima Beans “Kou viartz” Authentic, from Laista village recipe

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