Lima beans “donuts” with mint jelly and tomato foam

Lima beans “donuts” with mint jelly and tomato foam

Recipe – Photograph: Panagiotis Beltzinitis


  • 30 pcs. lima beans
  • 160 ml water
  • ½ sachet yeast
  • 1 spoon sugar
  • 100 gr flour
  • cinnamon
  • seed oil


For the jelly

  • 300 gr mint syrup
  • 7 gr agar agar

For the tomato foam

  • 2 tomatoes, peeled without seeds
  • 30 gr pounded sugar
  • 10 gr lecithin


– Let the dry lima beans slowly soak in plenty of water from the previous night.
– Boil the lima giants with clean water for 30 minutes. Drain them into a strainer.
– Prepare the mixture for the donuts by putting the water with the flour and then the remaining ingredients.
– Leave the mixture for about 30 minutes in a warm environment to inflate.
– In a saucepan mix the mint syrup with agar agar and let it boil. Then place the mixture in a cake mould and let it cool down.
– In a bowl, using an electric beater, slowly blend the tomatoes with the sugar and the lecithin and allow the mixture to take a rest.
– Put in a saucepan a little bit of seed oil to burn and fry the lima beans after first dip them in the mixture of the donut as a batter.
– For serving, cut an oblong piece of jelly, place 3 beans on the top and in the end, after blending well with the electric beater, add tomato foam.