Welcome to Our Village!

Laista is one of the most beautiful and most remote villages of the Zagori area in northern Greece. Built at an altitude of 1,100 meters many centuries ago amidst a vast landscape of greenery, it proudly dominates the area, sitting across from “Papigo” or Mt. Tymphi as it is formaly called. The crystal clear and clean waters of Pindos stream down throughout the whole village, gushing with the fresh waters of Salatoura (or Sialatoura as the locals call it) to the small area of crops cultivated, mainly the legumes and pulses.

Undoubtedly the water, the soil and the microclimate of the area have a remarkable impact on the production of high quality beans. The indisputable reputation of the Laistenian elephant/gίgantes beans goes far back in time because they are exceptionally easy to boil, as well as thin-skinned and tender.

In the traditions of the village it is said that “with a sack of beans” the villagers used to appease the envoys of the Ali Pasha but also, with a plate of gίgantes yachnee beans the old Laistenian’s used to serve it to their guests as a treat. The beans of Laista were always and still are very tasty and rich in proteins and calories.